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I am an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with subspecialty qualifications in Maternal and Fetal Medicine and Womens Ultrasound.  

I trained as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in New Zealand. I moved to Brisbane to complete my Maternal and Fetal Medicine (CMFM) and Ultrasound (DDU) training at Mater Mothers Hospital, the largest tertiary hospital in Australasia.

Currently, as well as being a private obstetrician, I am Clinical Leader of Maternal and Fetal Medicine (MFM) and Women's Ultrasound at Wellington Hospital. MFM is a subspecialty that looks after pregnancies with complications, such as fetal anomalies or mothers with certain medical conditions or high risk pregnancies.

This practice is pleased to be one of the few to be able to offer personalised full specialist obstetric care. Some scanning is performed in the rooms and continuity of care for high-risk pregnancies can be maintained even if referral to Wellington Hospital is required.

I am a mother of two busy boys. I understand the mystery and joys of pregnancy. The change a new baby can bring into your life is enormous.

I have personal experience of a neonatal baby. I will be forever grateful for the care that was given to my son. Whilst it is a brief moment of his and my life those memories and raw emotions are forever engraved. It is part of the reason I was driven to do high risk obstetrics, to help women and their babies through this difficult path.

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I have chosen the cherry blossom theme for my practice. As a flower, it is beautiful and delicate with a very short blooming season. It is a visual symbol of the feminine beauty of life and also how precious life is, how transient moments can be. Moments that are brief, but can be significant life events. 

Dr Jade Lodge

I am an experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. I have recently returned to New Zealand and am very excited to be back in Wellington.

In my career to date, I have been fortunate to work in some of Australasia’s largest tertiary hospitals, including National Women’s, Christchurch Women’s and until most recently the Mater Mothers Hospital in Brisbane.  From this I have a vast range of experience, which has enabled me to achieve great competence in Obstetric management. 

I have a sub-speciality interest in Maternal Fetal Medicine and Obstetric Ultrasound which means I can guide women through the most complex of pregnancies and scan my patients at clinic visits. I am able to care for women with previous pregnancy loss, preterm birth or underlying medical conditions.  I am happy to support my patients’ choice for normal birth or caesarean section, and provide information and guidance about each choice.  I am an expert in assisted vaginal birth, vaginal birth after caesarean section and multiple pregnancy management.  I manage pregnancy and delivery safely and with an evidenced based approach. 

I am the mother of two young boys and I understand the joy, excitement, uncertainty and enormous life changes that pregnancy can bring.  It is a great privilege for me, to share the pregnancy journey, with my patients.  



Alison Curran

Alison completed her BSc in Midwifery in the UK in 1998 and commenced her career working within the NHS. She immigrated to NZ in 2007 with her family and since that time she has worked in Wellington Hospital providing care for women and their families undertaking both high and low risk pregnancy & birth. She is passionate about providing care that meets the needs of individual women.

Michelle vincent

Michelle has practiced midwifery in Wellington for over 15 years. She has a particular passion for providing one-to-one care during labour and the birthing process, and providing women and their whanau with a positive birthing experience. I am a mother of four with a range of birthing experiences of my own to help me empathise with labouring women

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Leanne Bowden

Leanne Bowden is an experienced midwife who is passionate about great postnatal care and breast-feeding support. During her career she has worked both as an independent midwife and as a tertiary level hospital midwife. She is committed to providing exceptional care as part of the Wellington Obstetrics team. Leanne has a Certificate in Midwifery acupuncture from NZ School of Acupuncture and is excited to be able to offer acupuncture as a complementary part of your pregnancy care both antenatally and postnatally.