Womens ultrasound services



Pregnancy Ultrasound

Ultrasound is performed in the rooms.  A scan can give us a lot of information and allows individualisation of pregnacy manangement and provide reassurance.

Specialised scans can allow evaluation of your risk of having a baby that is small or developing hypertension in pregnancy.

Growth scans allow us track how your baby is growing.  This allows us to intervene if necessary and have baby born at the optimum time, in the best possible condition.

Some birth defects cannot be diagnosed early in pregnancy, but can be picked up later. Fortunately, these defects are rare. Although it can be distressing to discover something maybe wrong with your baby, it is better to know about it as early as possible so any management to help baby can be arranged. 

Scanning helps with pregnancy bonding, this cannot be emphasised enough.



3D and 4D Pregnancy Ultrasound

We are delighted to be able to offer this service as part of pregnancy care or as a one-off consultation.  Having a sneak preview of baby is a magical moment.  

This is a specialised procedure and can only be peformed in the optimal conditions. If baby is not facing in the right direction or is cuddling their placenta a picture may not be able to be obtained. The chance of obtaining that special picture is maximised with the assistance of an ultrasound machine highly specialised for pregnancy imaging.


Ultrasound services are offered through Wellington Ultrasound