Consultation Services

We are pleased to offer a consultation service. As you can see below there are many reasons you may need a consultation with an Obstetrician. Please call the rooms to make an appointment.


Preconceptual Consultation

There are many reasons a preconceptual consultation maybe desired. An underlying medical condition may need to be optimised prior to pregnancy.  As a Maternal Medicine Specialist Dr Marlow can give you this advice An inherited genetic disorder, previous pregnancy complication or a baby with a structural anomaly are also all good reasons for a preconceptual consultation.


Medical review pre-fertility treatment

Prior to fertility treament for infertility it maybe advisable to have a medical review to ensure you are in optimal health to undergo fertility treatment and can safely undergo pregnancy. Please call the rooms for an appointment. 

Single Obstetric Consultation

A consultation with an Obstetrician may be needed for several reasons.  Any condition that may potentially affect the outcome of pregnancy should had an obstetric review to ensure optimal mangement. This may be because of a pre-existing medical or genetic condition or a complication that may arise in pregnancy such as pregnancy related hypertension or breech presentation. A previous pregnancy could have been complicated and you may need an obstetric opinion to manage this pregnancy. 

Recurrent Miscarriage  Consultation

It can be very confusing and emotional to have recurrent miscarriages. But we can find a cause in over 60% of cases. Underlying medical, structural and genetic disorders can be investigated.  Known medical conditions may need to be optimised. In some cases medication can be given to support the early pregnancy.  Investigations can be commenced after two sequential miscarriages.

Fetal Medicine Consultation

It can be scary to think something could be wrong with your baby. But an ultrasound could raise a potential problem with baby. You may a family history of  a genetic abnormality or you may have had a previous baby with a medical problem. As a Fetal Medicine Specialist Dr Marlow can give you the diagnosis and information that you need to manage the pregnancy.