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Guiding women and babies through preconception, pregnancy and birth.

We are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Full obstetric care
  • Specialist consultation
  • Specialist ultrasound
  • 3D Obstetric ultrasound
  • Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening
  • Genetic Carrier Screening

Pregnancy is an exciting and special time.  The joy, excitement and enormous changes that a pregnancy and a baby can bring to your life is unique.

Pregnancy can also be unfamiliar and daunting. Personalised maternity care can successfully guide you and your baby safely through the mystery of pregnancy and childbirth. Our comprehensive service can attend to your every need throughout your pregnancy.




There are many services you may require in your journey towards conception, pregnancy and childbirth. It is important that you are in the healthiest and optimal condition prior to conception. In the Resources section there are general tips to help you prepare for pregnancy.

Despite optimal care preconceptually and during pregnancy, complications can arise which are out of your control. Sometimes these are confusing, and emotional.  It is important that you have someone who is familiar with the minor to the complex problems women face in pregnancy to guide you through this in able to get the safest possible outcome for both you and baby. 

This is why we offer a variety of services, and not just full pregnancy care.  It is important to have the option of services such as a preconceptual consultation, or a fetal medicine opinion. When you look under the Services section you will see a range of care options offered.



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We are excited to be able to offer full obstetric care.  This includes first trimester care, through to birth and the postnatal period.

At the centre of care is the expectant mother. Our approach is calm, gentle and confident. We will work closely with you to help you make informed decisions and actively plan your pregnancy and delivery management.

Ultrasound is performed in the rooms and in conjunction with Wellington Ultrasound. A scan can give us a lot of information and allows individualisation of pregnancy management and provide reassurance.

Specialised scans can allow evaluation of your risk of having a baby that is small or developing hypertension in pregnancy.


We offer pregnancy-specific acupuncture from experienced midwife Leanne Bowden as part of the Full Pregnancy Care package. Acupuncture is effective at alleviating many conditions specific to pregnancy, see the services section or enquire for more information as to how acupuncture may suit your needs.

This blood test uses cell-free fetal DNA (cfDNA) found in maternal blood to identify the most common chromosome conditions seen in newborns. This test is the most accurate prenatal screening test for Down syndrome and other syndromes. There is no risk of harm to your baby.


Horizon carrier screening is a simple test that checks to see if you are a carrier of one or more autosomal recessive or X-linked conditions. The majority of people are carriers of at least one genetic condition. Most carriers are healthy, however, they can have a risk to have  a child with a genetic condition. Having carrier screening allows you to make more informed reproductive decisions by helping you understand your carrier status.

We are pleased to offer a consultation service. There are many reasons you may need a consultation with an obstetrician. Please call the rooms to make an appointment.